Branding Concept, Characters Interpretation, Creative Direction, Video/Photoshoot, Art Direction & Design Execution Created for Al Asleyeen Movie - "The originals" Advertising Campaign & Closing Film Titre.
Director : Marwan Hamed 
Writted by : Ahmed Mourad
Produced By : Red Star & New Century - Safei El Din Mahmoud, Ahmed Badawy 
D.O.P : Ahmed El Morsy
Assistant Director : Ahmed Arafa
Photography : Ayman Abbas
Set Designer : Mohamed Attia
Costume Designer : Nahed Nasrallah
Make-up & Special Effects : Tarek Mostafa Kamel, Donia Hussein
Actors : Menna Shalaby, Maged El Kedwany, Khaled El Sawy, Kinda Alloush, Mohammed Mamdouh, Laila Fawzy, Omar 
Head of Business Development : Karim El Shenawy

Teaser Poster Direction

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