Wali's Studio is a game-changing full-service design studio that creates an unparalleled brand experience. We seek to redefine our clients' visual identity by setting new trends, creating a comprehensive strategy, and developing practical design solutions across a variety of platforms. Two sisters with a flagship in the heart of branding, advertsing and communications.The Wali's specialize in creating unique brand identities, campaigns, and strategies. Our content creation capabilities span an array of mediums, from commercials, websites, mobile applications, books, signage, visual pathfinding, and more. We believe in fully indulging the whole creative brand experience. This is where we stand. We passionately explore untapped frontiers, always searching for new ways to deliver inventive brand expressions.
We are committed to engaging in holistic partnerships with our clients by: locating key market gaps, providing competitive analyses, drawing a consumer's perceptual map, and finding the right stimuli to evoke emotions that authentically complement a client's brand experience. We are guided by the knowledge that brands are constantly evolving into intangible mediums, rather than the static conventions. In today's world, brands should focus on visual content and tap into the world of wearable technologies. In this dynamic age of fast-paced content creation, our approach merges a focus on live, real-time engagement, all the while maintaining an element of classic storytelling.
We are not only writing a story, or keen only on maximizing brand recognition. We are transcending all the traditional avenues for brand creation, seeking instead to stimulate the full range of a consumer's emotions, as they are experienced day-to-day.. Our sense of accomplishment isn't achieved simply by creating a lovemark between our brands and our consumers. Rather, we aspire to be a staple in the consumer's life, walking their path with them, changing our chosen mediums with their ever-changing preferences, and consistently developing new and unique ways to excite and intrigue in a world of transient trends.
Because we believe the brand-consumer relationship to be so personal and so special in today's dynamic marketplace, we are keen on providing creative solutions for our clients, working closely with them on strategy, possibilities, and their goals for the future. It is this belief that ensures our close supervision with other agencies, whenever we don't produce a product in-house. With this brand-consumer relationship a fundamental priority, we do everything in our power to ensure that our client is receiving the best there is for their brand. Guided by our founder's belief that "Graphic Design can change the world!" we really believe that there are more skies to the skies themselves, and therefore endless possibilities for how unconventional the communication scene can change in an instant. Now.
"One who doesn’t have a history, does not have a future. I create work that is relevant to who I am and where I come from. I have gained global recognition on the works that specifically celebrate my identity" Ghada Wali, 2017. Our aim is to encompass the Arabian heritage & Egyptian identity through portraying our work on the maps of global trends. An ancient civilization has been out looked, commercialized and fallen into the abused clichés. The role of design in fostering cultures, scripts, history and finding innovative ways to preserve history while keeping up with the fast moving future is essential. A fresh eye on history’s treasures with a contemporary approach while Celebrating a Nation’s history with global engagement is my objective – so our beautiful Arab Identity can be proudly showcased to the world. Local Vs. Global, Living in a small world we live in right now, designing a brand that looks and is understood to a global market is a factor that enhances its lifetime, however, this must not be caught against its relevance to its original local target.
It’s all about building relationships, catering towards serving customers’ emotional needs. More than selling a function, brands should sell ideas, belief systems, and ethos. Choosing to become part of this world is choosing a brand for life – hence brand loyalty. Brands should study and appeal to their customers’ changeable states, they should customize their looks and features accordingly and resonate with a direct emotion. Then, the single-minded response for a ‘buying’ action no more stands for logical reasons, rather becomes beyond rationale sometimes. The first and main manifestation of reaching this is through customer’s first interaction with the brand – “sight”, the visual language – branding. Brands should customize stories that intersect with their customer’s daily journey at important and intimate moments. Other than design should address to the consumer not the product, design should leverage on the medium used to maximize efficient communication. With a world over bombarding information everywhere, the attention span is diminished so Brand Design should focus on minimal yet impactful use of image and text to maintain strength and power; maybe even simplification to clear iconography is needed. If a question is raised through brand design then this will enable more consumer interaction and will create conversation. Visuals should ensure more than an appeal but a deep mental immersion to the world of the Brand. Brand design should be responsive to the consumer’s life events and to today’s technological advances.
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