Riyadh hoses around 7.2Mn residents, being the capital of Saudi, the city had been rapidly growing and is witnessing a cultural and social shift. High end housing communities remains underserved with the prevailing option being large individual plots in the city. These types of homes have limited socializing and while the houses are large the actual eco system is small compared to the historical space citizens used to live in.

Marakez is developing, 494 acres residential development that is envisioned to redefine the living experience and set new standards for the citizens of Riyadh. The site is located along the North Western boundaries of Riyadh city. The development has the following land use mix  : Nine single-family residential neighborhoods | State-of-the-art luxury | clubhouse & hotel facility  | Public services and education services  | A Wadi in the heart of the project that will serve as the community playground.

Unpublished for Marakez.

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