Historical legacy
 The Egyptian cotton is among the finest and most lustrous varieties and the highest quality fibre. Egypt’s textile industry has historically been considered of paramount importance to the country and its economy. 

Current problem that has been uprising
Nonetheless, Egypt still plays a marginal role in the global textile value chain as its textile industry is highly fragmented and its textile products do not meet the needs of the international market.

The proposed project aims at enhancing the sustainability, inclusiveness and value addition of the long-staple and extra-long staple Egyptian cotton value chain, by improving the economic, social and environmental performance of cotton growers and cotton processors, and strengthening support institutions. 

Visual Concept
The proud flower of Egypt that speaks for its historical glory. Something very authentic that touches you like the magic of the lotus flower. However, Egypt’s cotton doesn’t blossom for once like the lotus flower and hides away for the rest of a year. It holds a whole life around it.
“Egypt is the gift of the Nile,” wrote Herodotus, referring to the great river as an inexhaustible source of the Earth’s fertility. In the hot and dry Sahara desert, the Nile river creates an oasis that enjoys extraordinary climatic conditions, ideal for producing the best cotton in the world. 
So, its this journey in quest of the holy grail.

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