As a woman, it has been is always intriguing how football can carve a nation's identity, represent its aspirations, emotions and even decide their wellbeing - a game literally worth living and dieing for. And as an Egyptian, el ahly legacy is embedded in our DNA but a story worth stopping in regards to its rich visual and aesthetically perspectives across modern history. After days of research in el ahram archives digging every news piece that have been published from the the beginning 30s to the 60s lead by saleh selim 'el maestro', and a collaboration of all time al ahram calligrapher mohamed el maghraby. I created this a newspaper inspired design that celebrates and documents the birth and rise of el ahly club designed in a vintage newspaper theme. A reflection of the timeless relationship between politics, life and football in Egypt. 

 بعد أيام من البحث في أرشيف الأهرام عن كل خبر اتنشر بدايةً من الثلاثينيات بقيادة صالح سليم "المايسترو" ، وتعاوني مع خطاط الأهرام الاستاذ محمد المغربي. طلعنا التصميم دة اللي مستوحى من شكل الجرنال, إحتفالاً وتوثيقاً لمسيرة وتاريخ النادي الأهلي و العلاقة الخالدة بين السياسة والحياة وكرة القدم في مصر.

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